Construction Worker Crushed to Death by Pipe

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Construction Worker Crushed to Death by Pipe | The Moran Group

Toronto, CANADA -- A construction worker was killed when a massive steel pipe crushed him to death.

The man was working with two other workers on the side of a busy road when the pipe came loose and rolled into the ditch.  The fifty year old victim was dragged down and trapped under the pipe in the ditch.

After the pipe stopped, one worker used a forklift to try and lift the pipe off the victim.  The other worker on the scene was so tramatized he was taken to the hospital for observation.

According to government records, the employer the victim worked for, Coco Paving, was fined $170,000 in 2013 when a worker was killed from a reversing front-end loader at a construction site.  After the vicim fund was added, the company paid out $212,500.

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