Construction Resumes on Affordable Housing in Glenview

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affordable housing construction

Glenview, IL -- Construction has re-started on affordable townhomes in Glenview for people with special needs.

The construction restarted after a 6-month stall on funding.  The housing complex was originally approved in July 2014, but was shut down temporarily in November 2015 because the $1.9 million in funds for the project were on hold until the impasse was over.

Richard Koenig, the executive director of the corporation said, "They figured out a way to allow those funds to flow... to us to pay the contractors, so we were able to start back up construction again.  We're very excited to be able to finish up construction."

The development has 13 units, which is in line with agreements set by the village.  The building will have one, two, and three units apartments.  The project should be complete by mid-September.

The HODC provides affordable housing in the north suburbs.  To get housing in this complex, tenants must have an income 60% that of the area and 30% of their income will need to go to rent.   

"There's tremendous need in Glenview and throughout the northern suburbs for housing for people that not only have lower incomes ... but also specifically for people that have disabilities," Koenig said. "It's difficult for folks that have low income and a disability to find rent that's affordable, as well as a building that will accommodate whatever their disability is." 

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