Construction Informer: Construction Biz Wins Big When Helping Clients Save $

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constructionHappy Wednesday!  While scrolling through my favorite construction blogs, I ran across a great article on how construction companies differentiate themselves by helping clients save money by using water efficiently; you may have seen we Tweeted it (if you don't follow us, you can find us @the_moran_group).

Construction clients (well, all clients), are looking to save money in the long term.  What will make them happier than a general contractor helping them do that?  There are a lot of ways to do this.  Our HVAC divisions will use Building Automation Systems, commissioning, and a number of other services that saves clients money in the long term by helping them save in utilities.  Our plumbing division will help property owners and property managers decide which green fixtures makes sense to save money and work adequately.  Long term money savings is the key to making clients happy, and gain their continual business.

The Construction Informer blog highlights an EPA created tool called WaterSense Water Budget Tool.  Read how construction businesses can gain more referral and ongoing business from their clients by savings them money on their water bill.

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