Construction Giant DeWalt Unveils Smartphone

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Construction Giant Dewalt Unveils Smartphone | F.E. Moran

The construction company Dewalt has entered the smartphone market with a tough-built Android handset, built for the construction site.

The $544 device was designed with the construction site in mind.  It can withstand a 2m drop onto concrete and -4 degrees to 140 degree weather.  The "tough phone" market has been growing to meet business needs.

"Lots of people in the trade and construction industries, as well as outdoor sports enthusiasts, have realized that just having a thicker case isn't going to see them through," said James Booker, purchasing manager at Tuffphones.

To be considered a "tough phone," handsets have to undergo testing.  The physical tests include tumbling, proving waterproof, and proving dust proof.

The phone also should have a bigger battery with longer talk time.  The Dewalt phone has 8 hours of talk time per charge.  It also boasts Gorilla Glass, a highly robust, but thin glass that can work with gloved hands.

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