Construction Equip Vending Machines - the wave of future construction sites?

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Has your site ever lost a tool?  Has a worker ever forgotten their PPE?  What about this:  has your construction site ever loaned out equipment and lost track of it?  Smart vending machines can solve all of those problems.  

Typically, a GC will store disposable items like ear plugs or other PPE and small tools and gear in the construction trailer.  Workers will come in, and grab what they need.  Sometimes they bring it back.  Sometimes they don't.  A smart vending machine can solve this problem.  It will automate equipment distribution and track usage and inventory, according to Construction Dive.

"We are a tech company masking as a vending company," said IVM Director of Sales Jeff Gabonay.  "From safety goggles to batteries to work gloves and ear plugs, there is a need to manage disposable assets on the construction site, and smart vending automates the process while providing inventory checks and weekly reporting and forecasting for equipment over a six-month period."

IVM, a smart vending machine company based in Indianapolis, also has smart lockers for larger tools and equipment.  The lockers have barcodes or QR code scanners, so the tool that is borrowed can be tracked to the worker who borrowed it.

Read more about smart vending machines for construction sites here. 

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