Construction Dive: 10 Construction Industry Trends in 2016

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Construction Dive:  10 Construction Trends in 2016

Dodge Data & Analytics has compiled a 2016 Construction Outlook report.  They are predicting a 6% growth with a value of $712 billion in 2016.  Following up on this report, Construction Dive spoke with construction pros and came up with the top ten construction trends for 2016.

The Top Ten Trends of 2016 

1)  Skilled Labor Shortage will Continue

2)  Prefab/Offsite Construction Methods will Become More Popular 

3)  Construction Companies Will Be More Cautious About Project Selection

4)  BIM Will Become a Necessity, and Owner Interest in the Technology Will Grow

5)  Green Building Will Grow in Commercial and Residential Sectors

6)  Jobsite Accidents and Criminal Indictments on the Rise

7)  Booming Multifamily Sector will Slow Down as Single-Family Picks Up

8)  Laser Scanning Technology will Gain Popularity

9)  Remodeling Will Have a Strong Year, Especially in the Luxury Market

10)  Homebuyers Will Seek Out Simple, Walkable Communities 


Read the details of the top ten trends at Construction Dive. 

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