Construction Accident in Oakland Leaves 9 Workers Injured

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Construction Accident, Construction Safety

Oakland, CA -- Nine workers were injured on Friday when a building partially collapsed at a construction site in Oakland.  Wet concrete trapped many workers.

No workers were seriously injured in the collapse; however, twenty people fell from scaffolding and twelve were taken to the hospital.  

Police and firefighters arrived to find workers hanging from scaffolding.  The other half of the workers were stuck in wet concrete.  Workers that were not involved in the collapse had shovels, trying to free their co-workers.

"It's kind of like quicksand.  The on-site construction workers did a great job, along with our members, in assisting those who were trapped," said Oakland Fire Battalion Chief Ian McWhorter.

A dozen workers were taken to the hospital as a pre-caution; however, only nine were injured and none seriously. 

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