Company Fined $200K After Teen Dies on the Job

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construction safetySix months after an accident that killed 19 year old Bradley Hogue, his company is being fined $200k in violations.

Hogue died in July when he fell into an auger when he was working with landscaping equipment.  After his death, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries launched an investigation into Pacific Topsoils, the company Hogue was working for.  Their investigation determined that Pacific Topsoils had over a dozen safety violations.

The violations included:

  • Not providing appropriate training
  • Not having proper procedures in place
  • And various willful violations


Bradley Hogues mother, Deanna said, "I never knew in a million years that I would send my son to work and he wouldn't come home.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of him."

Bradley died on his second day of work.  His parents are working on promoting workplace safety in honor of their son.

Alan Hogue, Bradley's father said, "When you're new, you don't want to say no.  You're afraid to say no.  If it's unsafe you can say no to it.  Talk to your boss, don't be afraid to talk about it."