Cold Winter Causes Home Plumbing Problems

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plumbingIt's mid-February and we are all over the cold of winter.  Winter becomes especially brutal when it starts to hammer at our house.  Besides the annoyance of higher gas bills, drafty windows and doors, and hard working boilers - winter can also wreak havoc on our plumbing.

The number one issue with plumbing in the winter is freezing pipes.  Here are three things you can do if you think your pipes are freezing:

1.  Keep a faucet open, run warm water through the pipe to help it melt.

2.  Open cabinets and use a house fan to blow warm air on the pipes.

3.  Know where the main water shut off is, so you can turn it off in case a pipe bursts.

When in doubt, call a plumber to assist with issues involving frozen pipes.