City Asks Judge to Allow Lucas Museum Construction to Begin, Despite Lawsuit

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City wants Lucas construction to begin | The Moran Group

Chicago, IL -- The city of Chicago is asking that a federal judge lift an order that is barring the start of construction for the George Lucas Museum, which is a $400 million museum that is planned to be built on the lakefront.

The non-profit group, Friends of the Parks, filed a lawsuit trying to cancel the museum.  Their lawsuit claims that the 300,000 square foot museum would violate laws that retrict development on Lake Michigan.

The city is saying that allowing the lawsuit to move ahead doesn't mean museum opponents will prevail.  "To the contrary, the denial of a motion to dismiss represents nothing more than a conclusion that plaintiff's claims cross the starting line for a federal lawsuit, not that they are likely to cross the finish line in triumph," the legal brief said.

The legal brief continues that prohibiting the start of construction "now puts the entire project at risk" because the museum may choose to leave Chicago and relocate to another city.  Lucas chose Chicago over San Francisco because SF was "doodling around" too long while Chicago aggressively pursued the project.  With this lawsuit, Luscas may choose to move the project again.

"The preliminary injunction thus threatens the very public interest it is bound to protect:  the loss of the LMNA would deprive the city of a world-class museum and all the attendant educational, cultural, and economic benefits, as well as depriving the city of a more beneficial use for the museum site than the current asphalt parking lot," the city argues.

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