Chinese Skyline: No More Weird Buildings

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Chinese Skyline:  No More Weird Buildings | F.E. Moran

Beijing, China -- Chinese architecture is being ordered to be "less weird," according to China's State Council.  New guidelines on urban planning will forbid the construction of "bizarre" and "odd-shaped" buildings.  They now call for buildings that are "economic, green, and beautiful."

China has seen a boom of unique architecture over the past decade and architects have referred to it as an "architect's playground."  With that, China has seen CCTV headquarter's building, dubbed "big pants" because of its shape (obviously, it looks like pants).  An exhibition center was designed to look like a tea pot.  While another example is a corporate headquarter's modeled after the Starship Enterprise.  The new rule says that "bizarre architecture" that isn't "economical, functional, aesthetically pleasing or environmentally friendly."

Architect Hao Dong said, "I don't feel shocked by this news.  The guidelines pretty much point to a positive direction, particularly in China where there are so many buildings completed to stand out, without considering their function." 

The new guidelines also add that prefabrication is preferred because it uses fewer resources.  Within the decade, China would like to see 30% pre-fabricated buildings.

"We constantly hear in the news about rising housing costs, environmental waste, pollution, and poor labor conditions.  More oversight in the building industry and increased efficientcy could help," said James Shen, a founder at People's Architecture Office in Beijing.

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