Chicago Construction is BOOMING, According to Permit Data

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Chicago Construction is Booming | F.E. Moran  

Chicago, IL -- Permit data shows that construction in Chicago is booming. All over the city, you can find F.E. Moran trucks parked as HVAC and fire protection are being installed in new buildings.

It seems as though the economy has rebounded and the city is filled with new buildings and renovations of existing buildings.  Chicago Cityscape has put together a graph that shows new construction permits over the last nine years.  

New construction permits were a rarity during the recession, so it is a welcome change.  The biggest construction permit month this year has been February, when over $767.5 million worth of construction projects got approved to move forward.  So far, over $3 billion worth of projects have been granted. 

Chicago Cityscape Graph of Chicago Construction Permits 

 Graph via Chicago Cityscape

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