CEO of Adamco Group Dies in Power Plant Construction Accident

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Construction Accident at Power Plant | F.E. Moran

John Adamco, CEO of Adamco Group, died in a construction accident at a closed power plant yesterday.

The accident occurred at a closed power plant in Ohio, his attorney confirmed.  J. Christian Hauser, partner at Frasco Caponigro Wineman & Scheible, PLLC and attorney for Adamco had some details.  The accident happened at Muskingum River Power Plant in Waterford, OH.  No other details were released.

"Not only was he a business client, but he was a friend," Hauser said.  "That's the hard part.  We exchanged text messages on Thanksgiving.  I'm numb, absolutely numb.  He was a good guy, a first class guy, total class."

Other reports stated that there was a collapse at the power plant, and two workers were trapped and injured.  It is unclear if this was related to the CEO death.

Read the whole story in Craine's Detroit Business. 

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