Car Falls Down 20 Meter Excavation Pit

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Car Falls Down 20 Meter Excavation Pit | The Moran Group

Melborne, Australia -- Three women in Australia were driving in a car, when the car smashed through a safety barrier and fell 20 meters into an excavation pit.  The car landed on its roof.

The front passenger was seriously injured and had to be cut free of the Honda Civic after being trapped for 90 minutes.  The driver and back seat passenger were able to walk away.

The injured woman was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital with suspected abdominal and lower body injuries, including a fractured pelvis.

Melbourne Fire Brigade Commander Rick Gili said, "I Have absolutely no idea how they survived this.  It's a clear 20 meters down to the lower concrete level.  There's reinforcement, there's scaffolding, the car landed on its roof."

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