Brooklyn Man Disabled in Construction Accident STILL Waiting on Settlement

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Brooklyn Man Disabled in Construction Accident | The Moran Group

Brooklyn, NY -- A construction worker was injured severely on the job, and after six years of litigation, won a half million settlement.  However, his lawyer isn't paying him the settlement.

Eyewitness news decided to investigate.  They contacted the lawyer, Paul Vesnaver, who only had excuses.  Vesnaver received the $750,000 settlement from the contruction company, in which $500,000 is owed to his client, in August; however, he has yet to give the settlement to his client.

"I can't pay my rent, I can't buy my medication.  I can't see any more doctors because I have no money in my pocket, and he keeps my money," said Xhevat Misku, the victim.

Misku did receive a check for $500,000 last month, and it bounced. 

Misku has visited the lawyer's office ten times, but the office staff always say that Vesnaver is unavailable.  In one of these visits, he wore a hidden camera.

Misku:  "How many times must I come here?  Why is he holding my father's half million dollars?"

Paralegal:  "I have no knowledge of anything.  I have no clue."

Misku:  "Is this guy still a lawyer?"

Paralegal:  "He's not in the office.  I'm not sure if he's going to be in.  No one heard from him as yet."

However, Vesnaver was there.  The eyewitness team caught him sneaking out a side door.  The next day they caught up to him.

Vesnaver:  "I've been out of town."

Eyewitness News:  "You were here yesterday."

Vesnaver:  "No, I wasn't."

EN:  "Yeah, you were.  We saw you leave today.  Why did it take so long?  Why did you hold his half-million dollars for three months?"

Vesnaver:  "I haven't held his money for three months."

EN:  "Well, you said you just sent the check.  The first one bounced."

Vesnaver:  "That was from the wrong account, and a new check was issued."

EN:  "Yesterday?"

Vesnaver:  "Correct."

EN:  "The settlement was August 14."

It has been nine days since Vesnaver claims he sent the check, and none has arrived.  What would you do in this situation? 



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