Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

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Did you do a lovely hot pink and zebra stripe motif in your bathroom fifteen years ago and have finally come to realize it's time for an update?  Check out our favorite bathroom remodel inspiration to kick start your project and get your bathroom firmly out of the era of boy bands and faux leather pants.


1)  The gray tiles and timeless vanity will go far to update a bathroom without it saying, "I was designed in 2015."

Photo by The Interior Collective

 Bathroom Inspiration | The Moran Group

2)   This tub is absolutely goegeous and the contrast in colors is the perfect mix of modern and vintage.

Photo by

Bathroom Remodel 2 | The Moran Group 

3)   A bathroom remodel for the average person's, regular sized bathroom.

Photo by Indulgy. 

Bathroom Remodel | The Moran Group

4)   This farmhouse inspired bathroom has so much character!

Photo by Home Stories A - Z  


Bathroom Remodel 4


What inspires your decorating?