Authorities Searching for NJ Construction Worker Who Filmed Woman in Shower

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Here's a warning for those hiring for construction:  make sure all workers are background checked and authorized employees.

A condo complex hired some construction workers to repair the roof.  Normal so far.  Then a woman noticed a cell phone propped on a bucket on her fire escape.  She picked up the phone and scrolled through the video.  She found a video of herself taking a shower.

The roofing company was fired, and authorities are seeking the man who owns the phone; he fled when she discovered the phone.  The owner of the phone is 44 year old Edward Garcia.

The source added, "There were some other interesting and weird things in the phone, more than just unauthorized surveillance."

According to the source, the 23 year old victim had just stepped out of the shower when she noticed the cell phone on her fire escape.  She grabbed the phone and found the video of her.  She called police immediately, but the construction worker fled before they arrived.