After Flood of Sewage, Hospital Hopes to Repair Plumbing and Electrical

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May 8th, 2013 ( After a flood of sewage forced the transfer of those being treated in the surgical intensive care unit, neurology unit, and other patients at Hospital Mexico last week, Hospital Director, Dr. Douglas Montero, said that the hospital hopes to replace the hospital's plumbing and electrical wiring in 2014.


Hospital authorities said that last week's sewage spill was caused by someone "introducing a material" into a toilet which subsequently blocked the hospital's sewage system, causing flooding of raw sewage on two floors of the hospital. That material was likely toilet paper.


Montero explained that he had previously planned on replacing the hospital's sewage pipes on a floor-by-floor basis over the course of three or four years, but the plan had to be stopped when the hospital was in financial crisis.


"The hospital's pipes are very old and require repair, same with the electrical system, and events like last week's should help force decisions and get the necessary resources. In addition, we are placing signs in the restrooms so that people know to deposit [toilet paper] in waste baskets," Montero said.


Although the director did not want to confirm a date, he said that if they get the support and budget from authorities, repairs could be made next year.

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