9 Ways Building Automation Can Make Your Business Run Better

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9 Ways Building Automation Can Make Your Business Run Better | F.E. Moran

The benefits of automation are inarguable.  Almost anything can be automated.  Emails can be sent, social media can be scheduled, security systems can be set, heating can be adjusted, lights can be turned on – all with the tap of a finger on your mobile device.  The simplicity and ability to increase your productivity is already a major benefit, but property automation takes the benefits to a whole new level.  With the ability to save on utility bills, control your property from anywhere, and intelligently adjust building components implementing building automation is a no-brainer.  Here are our top nine benefits of automating property system management.

Building Automation 


1)     1)  Constant Control – A top benefit of building automation systems (BAS) is the control that property managers have from anywhere.  They have 24/7 access to the building’s systems from any device that can connect to the internet.  If there is a meeting during off-hours or maintenance personnel need office access on a weekend – the property manager can simply adjust the HVAC, turn on the lights, turn off the security, and unlock the doors with the push of a button.  


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