74% of Homeowners Prefer to Buy a Home with Fire Sprinklers

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A study conducted by the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) found that 74% of U.S. homeowners would prefer to buy a home with fire sprinklers.  The study also found that seven out of ten homeowners believe that a sprinklered house has more value and eight out of ten homeowners said fire sprinklers provide the ultimate fire protection for residents.

"It's certainly encouraging to see that 59% of homeowners say fire safety is very important to them and that the majority would rather buy sprinklered homes, but we are also reminded of how much awareness work there still is to do.  For example, just half the homeowners recognize the increased fire hazards associated with lightweight residential construction to residents and firefighters, and only about a third understand how open design increases the danger of a home fire," said HFSC President Lorraine Carli.

The study indicates that homeowners will be more likely to request fire sprinklers in their new-build home if they were educated on the fire hazards in new build homes.

The Harris Poll indictated that consumers have more trust in their local fire departments than a contractor when it comes to fire hazard information.  Almost half of people polled said they had more confidence in homebuilders who offer fire sprinklers than those who do not.