7 Apps to Be More Productive Today

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These seven apps will help you be more productive today!  With these apps, you can organize your to do list and cross that list off easier.

7 Apps to Make You More Productive Today | The Moran Group | Keywords:  management, project manager, productive, construction



1)  Todo7 - This is considered the best of the best of to-do lists.  It has extensive task listing options and can be used on your phone or the web.  However, a paid subscription is needed to use this app across multiple platforms and to use cloud storage. 

ToDo App | The Moran Group



2)  PocketLists - This to do list app is so helpful because it has a location and time-based reminder.  Did you add that you need to pick up flowers to your to do list?  If you pass by a flower shop, you get a reminder.  How great is that?

Pocket Lists | The Moran Group 

3)   Basecamp - This is a project management app that helps you store everything for a project in one place.  You can see your task status quickly and check out the day-to-day project overview on your phone or tablet. 

Base Camp App | The Moran Group 

4)   Fanurio - If you are a project manager that bills customers according to the time you spend on their project, this app is great.  It works across multiple platforms, you can have multiple projects per client, and it tracks the time you spend working on their projects so you can bill accurately.

Fanurio | The Moran Group 

5)  LifeTick - Set up and track your goals with this app.  You can set up 10 core values, customize your goal priority, and create a visual for your goal.

LifeTick | The Moran Group



6)  GoogleDrive -  Google Drive is a great app to keep all of your files backs up.  You can then open those files on any device.

Google Drive | The Moran Group



7)   IFTTT - An app that automates your other apps!  Do you want to get an email when a certain item gets added to Craigslist?  Done.  Do you want to post your Instagram pictures to Twitter natively?  Done.  Do you want certain emails sent to Evernote to be added to a task?  Done.  This app can automate any of your apps together. 

IFTT | The Moran Group 

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