5 Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Better, Longer

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keep your air conditioner working better longer

Is there anything more important than life comfort and life safety?  Nothing can be more irritating than the HVAC dying an early death.  With these five tips, you can extend the life of your air conditioning.  By spending a small amount on maintenance, you can save thousands on replacing equipment earlier than necessary.

1)  Inspect Air Ducts Regularly

Regularly inspect your air ducts for leaks, gaps, loose seams, or obstructions that might prevent the air flow from moving throughout the building.  When the ducts leak air, the air conditioner needs to work harder to get each room to the required temperature.  This will ultimately wear out the system faster.

2)  Keep Vents Clear

Make sure there is no furniture, rugs, drapes, or even dust covering vents or return inlets.  When the air can flow easily - just like in #1 - it won't have to work extra hard to fight pressure imbalances. 

3)  Change Air Filters

Change your filters at least once a month or have an HVAC technician come in once a month to change them for you.  The filters get clogged with dust, pollen, or - if you're in a fun office - pet dander.  Regularly change your air filters to make sure your air quality is at a level you WANT to breathe. 

4)   Start a Proactive Maintenance Agreement 

By having a proactive maintenance agreement, building property managers can rest easy knowing that their HVAC systems are in peak condition.  Equipment failures are greatly reduced, energy bills are lowered, equipment life is extended, and you can reduce tools/training/overhead costs by outsourcing.

5)   Look for Disconnected Ducts

This goes along with #1, but it needs to stand out.  It's quite common in older buildings that the air ducts can become disconnected all together.  Your air conditioning might feel like it is barely working, but in reality, it is just air conditioning the attic space instead of occupied space. 

By keeping up with maintenance, you will extend the life of your air conditioner and, in the long run, save money on your HVAC system. 


Some Tips from our Followers!

Wendy Murray, CMCA, AMS, "Variable frequency drives can help with erngy use as well."

William Streefkerk, "Following a regular maintenance schedule is key to longevity as are spring and fall maintenance."

Rolondo Medina, "One thing I learned starting out in the field, you can replace it or maintain it.  It's up to you."

Bob French, "An intelligent BMS can help with reporting and alerts to cover those times when maintenance did not get done.  It can also save energy." 

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