5 of the Best Articles on Managing Your Construction Crews

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5 Best Articles for Management | The Moran Group 


When you work in construction, whether you prepared for it or not, you are managing people.  Sometimes that may not come naturally.  We have compiled a list of our five favorite articles on management.  With a little bit of research and the drive to implement new skills, you can be an amazing manager.

1)   5 Habits of Exceptionally Likeable Leaders by Dale Partridge

Partridge is a genius when it comes to managing people well.  His theory is, you treat your employees well, be kind to them, and help bring them up - you have succeeded as a leader.  Ultimately, you will drive better productivity and more loyal employees.

2)  9 Things Powerful People Never Say by The Huffington Post 

This list showcases bad habits we all get into, but habits that a leader should never have.  Sticking with the status quo, talking about people behind their backs, and refusing to make a change are just some of the habits to avoid.

3)   5 Ways to Be a Better Leader by Levo

Being a good leader involves more than managing people.  It means setting a good example, choosing tasks based on employee's strengths, and defining goals.  

4)   9 Rules for Managing Conflict at Work by The Undercover Recruiter

When you're managing a group of people, you need to be able to manage conflict - it is bound to happen.  Deal with conflict before it explodes, promote flexibility and compromise, and listen actively to both parties.

5)   How to Break into a Management Role When You're an Introvert by Levo

Another great post by Levo - it discusses the many benefits of an introverted manager.  While they may not be outgoing, they see th ebig picture and notice details that many others look over. "They're known to be thoughtful, attentive, self-driven, and focused," said Susan Dench, author of "Connectworking"  If you've read the articles above, you know that these are top qualities of successful managers. 



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