5 Construction Officials Held in Indian Overpass Collapse

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5 Construction Officials Arrested Following Overpass Collapse

Kolkata, IN -- Indian police have detained five officials of a construction company following an under-construction overpass collapse.  The collapse killed 24 people and injured over 80 people.

The day after the collapse, rescuers cleared away the twisted concrete and metal rods.  They found and rescued 67 people.

"There is no possibility of finding any person alive," said S.S. Guleria, deputy inspector general of the India's National Disaster Response Force.  Engineers are reviewing the part of the overpass still standing.  They will "slowly start dismantling this particular section to avoid any collateral damage to houses around it."

The five detained construction personnel are being questioned over culpable homicide.  This comes with a punishment of anywhere from seven years to life in prison.

The under-construction overpass spanned the width of the street and was meant to ease traffic in a densely populated neighborhood.  It only took hours after the concrete was poured into the steel girders for the collapse to take place.

"I heard an explosion, a solid one.  My apartment shook.  The whole building shook.  When I looked outside, there was a lot of smoke," sad Rabindra Kumar Gupta, who was eating lunch at home at the time of the collapse.

Smashed cabs, curshed cars, and bloody body parts could be seen in the wreckage.

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