4 Heartwarming Construction Stories to Make Your Day

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With the holidays over and the sun not having been seen in what feels like 8 years, we need some happy stories to lift our little vitamin D deprived souls.

I scoured the internet to find the best happy construction stories.  These stories will warm your hearts and make your day.   

1.  San Joe Construction Worker Rescues Kidnapped Baby

This story sounds like the plot of a movie, but it's real.  A construction worker, with the help of a homeless woman, rescued a kidnapped baby.

The father of the baby had strapped his son into the car, but forgot his lunch and ran back inside.  When he came out, the car was missing with his son.

Via kron4.com. 

Via kron4.com. 

A few hours later, the car was parked outside a construction site with people arguing outside it.  A man, who seemed to be on drugs, was yelling at a homeless woman.  The woman kept signaling to the construction worker, Colin Blevin.  She was trying to get Blevin to notice the baby.

The baby was sitting in a hot car with the windows rolled up.  Blevin began to ask, "Is that your baby?" to everyone around.  He was ignored.  The kidnapper walked away and began to try and break into another car.  Blevin opened the car door, grabbed the baby, and called the police.

A short time later, the baby was reunited with his father.

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2.  300 Plumbers Got to Flint, MI to Install Free Water Filters

Residents of Flint, MI have been dealing with drinking water issues since 2014.  Many people aren't able to use their tap water in their homes.  Some residents can't afford a water filtration system, so plumbers from Local 370 have gone to Flint to install free water filters in homes.

3.  Construction Workers Rescued Drowning Boy

Three construction workers were working near a pond when they saw a boy drowning.  The men were having a meeting when they saw a woman jump into the pond with her clothes on.  It looked odd, so they investigated. 

All three men ran toward the dock and discovered that a woman was trying to rescue a toddler who had fallen into the water.  One jumped into the water and grabbed the boy, setting him on the dock.

But, the boy wasn't breathing.

The men did CPR, which they were trained on for their construction jobs.  

They couldn't feel a pulse.

They kept going.  Soon, the boy vomited and began to cry.

"I got to be a part of it.  That was a blessing, and I've got two brothers because of it," Sean Sumner, one of the construction workers, concluded.

4.  Contractors Work Together to Build 1st Ultra-Accessible Water Park

AGC Charities and dozens of construction firms worked together to build Morgan's Inspiration Island.  It is the first ultra-accessible water park.  The construction involved building a main building, five new pump houses, and a lighthouse.  The charity raised $350,000 in funds for the project.  Linbeck Group was the lead general contractor.

It was the first water park built with special needs in mind.  


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