33 Year-old Construction Worker Killed in Accident

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construction safetyMilwaukee, WI -- A construction worker was killed by machinery while working on the Zoo Interchange.

33-year old Ryan Calkins of Brookfield was working on a construction project involving the Zoo Interchange when a machinery accident caused his death.  

"I looked over the edge a little bit and I saw rescue squads and I saw a bunch of people around a piece of machinery.  It was like a drill thing, like they were drilling to place a post or something," said Thomas Kleppin.

The news traveled quickly to the state Capitol where union supporters were rallying against the Right-to-Work bill.  The rally held a moment of silence for Calkins.  The Right-to-Work law prevents unions and employers from having agreements that prevent non-union workers from aquiring work.  Twenty-four states have adopted the Right-to-Work law - most recently Wisconsin.

The construction is continuing, but they are not working near where the investigation is taking place.