3,000 Year Old Bronze Sword and Gold Spearhead Found at Construction Site

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3,000 year old bronze sword and spearhead found at construction site

Scotland -- A Scotland construction site yielded a hoard of precious artifacts including a bronze sword and a gold-decorated spearhead.  The artifacts date back approximately 3,000 years.

Guard Archaeologists led the excavation and said the discovery was the "find of a lifetime."  The artifacts are in extremely good condition.

The artifacts were spotted while excavating a spot for two football pitches.  Guard project Officer Alan Hunter Blair directed the excavation and said, "It is very unusual to recover such artefacts in a modern archaelogogical excavation, which can reveal so much about the context of its burial.  Owing to the fragile nature of these remains when we first discovered them, our team removed the entire pit, and the surrounding subsoil which it was cut into, as a single 80 kg block of soil.  This was then delivered to our Finds Lab where it was assessed by a specialist finds conservator to plan how it could be carefully excavated and the artifacts conserved."

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