3 Ways Building Automation Saves You Big Money

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When you decide to install a building automation systems (BAS), what are your goals?  To control your systems from anywhere?  To have a more energy efficient building?  To have a smart building?  The best part about all three of these goals is they will lead to your building saving money.  Here are our top three ways building automation saves you money.

1)  Intelligent Adjustments -- A Computrols or other building automation systems can learn the inhabitants habits and adjust the system accordingly.  Think of a NEST that you would see in someone's home.  A little light comes on when you pass it.  Why?  Because it is sensing someone is home and adjusts the HVAC accordingly.  If no one passes the controls for awhile, it will go into away temperature.  Think of the utility savings you will have when you aren't heating an empty building. 

2)   Increased Knowledge - When we are educated, we can make educated decisions, right?  A BAS can create a system report for you, so you know when lights, HVAC, security, and any other automation usage is taking place.  This can then be converted to graphs that will help you make smart decisions.  Let's say you compare your security graphs to your heating graphs and find that your heating is staying the same, even though the doors are locked and no one is entering the building.  What decision would you make?  Turn down the heat.  But, if you didn't have that data, you wouldn't have known you could do that.

3)  Less Staffing Required - A BAS has a single control board for multiple properties and utilities.  When you used to have to pay a property manager for each building, you can now pay one property manager to control all of the automation from one space.  Less staffing means less overhead cost.

What are your favorite elements of a building automation system? 

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