3 Tips to Lower Your Water Bill

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Who wouldn't want to pay a little less each month on their utilities? After interviewing the Plumbing Director in F.E. Moran's Plumbing Division, I learned ways to reduce my water bill with simple tricks throughout my home.

1. Add a filled water bottle with sand or pebbles into the toilet tank - the average toilet uses 3-7 gallons per flush. By adding the filled water bottle, your toilet will use .5-1 gallons less a flush, saving money over time.
2. Add food coloring to the toilet tank to find leaks - place 6 drops of a bright colored food coloring in the toilet tank. In an hour, if the bowl is the same color as the food coloring, you have a leak. Get the leak fixed and you will see a reduction in your water bill each month.
3. Install faucet aerators - They screws into the bottom of your faucet to reduce water flow without reducing water pressure.

With these quick and cheap fixes, your water bill will be reduced by the next billing cycle.