3 Men in Critical Condition after Construction Site Fall

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3 Construction Workers in Critical Condition | F.E. Moran


Three construction workers were in critical condition after falling from scaffolding that was 20 feet high.

The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the scene at 10:15am. 

"When our first resources arrived on scene, they were told they had three construction members that fell approximately 20 feet.  When our people got inside, made the investigation, that's exactly what we had," said Fire Battalion Chief Michael Bowman.

The three men were on scaffolding that was about two and half stories high.  When ambulances arrived, they were all considered "critical" condition because of the height of the fall.  They were also hit by debris once they landed on the ground. 

The victims were ages 30, 31, and 59.  Two of the men were unconscious when ambulances arrived, but by the time they were transported to the hospital, all men were conscious.

The accident is being investigated by OSHA.

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