25 Year Old Paralyzed, Nearly Killed in a Construction Accident Returns to Rehab

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On September 10, 2013, Cathy Marmon started a journal.  The first few pages were blank except for a date because life was too much of a blur.  

Cathy Marmon received a call that no mother wants to receive.  Her son had been in a construction accident, and his injuries were life threatening.

While 25-year-old Elias Marmon was working on a bridge on Interstate 90, a strap broke that was holding a 10 inch wide, 4.5 foot tall, steel I-beam dropped and it fell onto his head.

Doctors were not optimistic.  He was rushed into emergency surgery and doctors weren't sure if he would live through the night.

6.5 months, nine surgeries, and two hospitals and Elias Marmon is alive.  He is a parapalegic now, but he is alive.

The accident cracked his skull, forehead to neck; injured his brain; broke his back; and crushed his spinal cord.  He was also left blind in one eye.

During his recovery, he had some set-backs:  pneumonia, infections, and a bed sore that was as wide as three fists on his back.

Elias has returned to rehab.  Doctors say there is a chance he could walk again one day, and he says that he will.

Cathy still keeps her journal.  She hopes that one day Elias will read the story of how he went from nearly dead to, she hopes, walking again.