Updated: Natural Ways to Unclog a Drain

unclog a drain.jpg

I recently received an email from a reader on my 2014 post, “ Natural Ways to Unclog a Drain.”

She said:

Just want to say thank you! I was having issues for weeks (maybe months) with the kitchen sink not draining. Sometimes it would take hours. I was about to call a plumber, but as a single mother of two, I’m lucky to have money for fuel, nevermind a service call. I came across your article. I thought I can afford Dawn and boiling water, and tried it out. Days later, the sink is still draining smoothly with no issue! My neighbor called me because she had the same issue. I went over and tried your trick, and it worked for her too!

After getting this email, I was inspired to update the article.

Here is a snippet:

My bathroom sink drain clogs constantly. It has come to the point that every time my husband shaves, I hand him the $2 white, plastic snare. One shave, and no water goes down the sink. It's ridiculous.

I am not a fan of harsh chemicals, so I choose not to use drain cleaners. I have a baby and prefer alternative solutions that wouldn't hurt him if he accidentally got into a product. I make my cleaning products and it does the job better than the store bought stuff. When I started experiencing plumbing issues, naturally, I started looking at natural ways to solve my problem.

Read the full article, “Natural Ways to Unclog a Drain” here.