Stop Wasting Money on Deferred Maintenance via Buildings

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Janelle Penny of Buildings: Smarter Facility Management wrote a great piece on the cost of deferring maintenance on HVAC and plumbing systems. She sat down in an interview with Jim Whittaker, Engineering Services Lead at JLL and learned how they keep systems in top working condition.

Here is a snippet:

Every facilities professional knows maintenance is important to keep building systems and equipment functional. That’s why manufacturers include recommended timetables and procedures in user manuals. But with shrinking budgets and limited staffs, it’s tempting to turn to a “run to fail” approach instead.

Even facilities teams that prioritize doing maintenance on time may have to focus limited resources on critical systems, like life safety infrastructure or uninterruptible power in data centers, says Jim Whittaker, engineering services lead at JLL. That leaves the less critical equipment vulnerable to early failures, which compounds the problem.

“The cost of additional labor for unplanned or reactive maintenance and repair is higher than doing routine preventive maintenance because all of a sudden, you’re not in control of the resources,” Whittaker says. “Now you have higher overtime costs and possibly a need to bring in more expensive third-party contractors off hours to do work.”

Read the entire article, “Stop Wasting Money on Deferred Maintenance” here.