Employers Need to Emphasize On-the-Job Driving Safety by Banning Cell Phones

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On the job motor vehicle collisions are as prevalent as ever.  It is essential for employers to emphasize on-the-job driving safety.

In the past two years, motor vehicle crashes have increased 14%.

“That is the highest increase over a two-year period since 1963. More than 1,000 people are suffering from life-changing injuries. We also know that the number one cause of on-the-job deaths are motor vehicle collisions,” said Jenny M. Burke, Itasca, Illinois-based senior director of advocacy at the National Safety Council.

The major reason for the increase in crashes is the distracted driver.

In a survey, 79% of people said that they would make phone calls while driving if it were legal.  Another 53% admitted that they would text while driving if it were legal or that they already were.


Exxon Mobile, Shell Oil, and Time Warner have implemented a no cell phone policy.  Experts say others should follow suit.

“We recommend that (employers) ban cellphones from job sites and cabs of heavy equipment,” Ms. Burke said. “We recommend that there are safe limited zones to use cellphones, that they allow cellphone breaks so employees don’t feel like they are stranded and can’t make those phone calls.”

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