How to make your HVAC more efficient

HVAC efficient

How do I make my HVAC more efficient?  It’s something that our team at F.E. Moran Mechanical Services gets asked often.  It’s no wonder that this is a hot topic for commercial buildings.  It costs $.98 per 100 cubic feet to heat and cool a commercial facility on average. 

Get Your HVAC System in Top Working Order

Having an energy efficient HVAC system is not difficult if your system is in good working order to begin with.  That is why you want to start with 1) energy efficient, Energy Star HVAC equipment or 2) Commissioning, re-commissioning, or retro-commissioning your current HVAC system.  Commissioning is when you hire an HVAC servicer who works to get the system as efficient as possible.  Retro-commissioning is what it is called the first time a system has been commissioned that has already been installed and used.  Re-commissioning is what it is called when systems are commissioned after the retro-commissioning has taken place.


Keep Your System Working Efficiently 

To keep a commercial facility’s HVAC system working efficiently, you should complete the following tasks monthly:  1) Change the filters.  2)  Clean the air conditioning coils.

In addition to these tasks, add a building automation system (BAS).  A BAS can be programmed to reduce the air conditioning when the building is unoccupied and turn it up when the workday starts, saving energy usage.  It also has extra benefits like keeping record of your usage, so you can make smart decisions and a single portal control.  If your commercial business uses multiple buildings, you can control all of the HVAC from one portal, saving money in payroll.

Learn more about energy efficient HVAC here.

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