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Lutheran General Hospital

Contributor:  Dan Dobbins, Project Manager Director of F.E. Moran
Writer:  Sarah Block, Marketing Director of The Moran Group

When Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL replaced their air handling unit, F.E. Moran had the unique challenge of installing a system into a working hospital. Through an Integrated Project Delivery process, F.E. Moran was able to work closely with all contractors, engineers, and hospital employees to determine the best method of installation and complete the project without interrupting business.

Because Lutheran General Hospital was in use during the installation of the air handling unit, certain trials arose. First, the original air handler needed to be demolished in order to be removed; however, because the hospital had patients, it was necessary to install a temporary air handler. Originally, the consultant engineers had planned for the temporary air handler to be installed on the roof, but after F.E. Moran became involved in the Integrated Project Delivery process, they worked with the team to determine that a roof installation would cost too much for the client. Instead, they opted to install a temporary air handler in the basement, near where the new air handler would be built, reducing the overall investment for Lutheran General Hospital.

air handling unit

Another obstacle that needed to be conquered was getting the air handling unit into the basement. The unit was too large to be taken into the basement whole; it needed to be taken into the basement piece by piece and put back together. A technician that worked for the manufacturer came in to oversee the re-build of the air handling unit to ensure accuracy.

The last hurdle F.E. Moran and the rest of the Integrated Project Delivery team needed to overcome was the necessary shutdowns of the air handling unit during installation. To make tie-ins, the water needed to be temporarily shut down to make the changes. In order to complete the shut downs, F.E. Moran chose to complete them at night with proper man power. The large number of workers in conjunction with the overnight shut downs, enabled F.E. Moran to reduce the impact on the hospital and patients.

F.E. Moran successfully completed this project in 4 months, providing Advocate Lutheran General Hospital with an efficient air handling unit with no interruption in service.

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