Infinity Tub Installation Case Study

FE Moran Plumbers in Action

infinity tub installation

Project:  PIRCHin Oakbrook Center
Task: Placement and Install of 2400lbs Solid Stone Infinity Tub

After accepting delivery and maneuvering this behemoth through and around approximately 30 tradesmen installing tile, cabinets, and other finishes, the "real work" began.

Months ago, the floor below the tub was reinforced to accept the weight of this 2,400 pound tub which holds approximately 710 pounds of water. The finished product was set to have a small rock feature around the perimeter with a drain to accept the overflow of the "infinity" feature. This means that the tub had to be set on top of a raised platform. This raised platform was built by the GC with a small opening left for our plumbers to tie in the drain line (which is underneath the tub and recessed slightly into the solid stone bottom).

Journeyman Plumber Jim Jolivette was tasked with the burden of lining up the drain pipes as the tub was lowered and then soldering the pieces together in a manner that ensures no leaking into the finished spaces below. With some much needed help from Assistant Project Manager Dan Yungerman (who says the PM staff doesn't get dirty?), the boys finally set, leveled, and squared this $20,000 tub which sits as the centerpiece of a bath display that showcases upwards of $100,000 worth of plumbing fixtures.

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