Six Golden Safety Rules for Data Centers by Data Center Knowledge

Six Golden Safety Rules for Data Centers.jpg

Data Center Knowledge and Digital Realty Trust's Director of Environmental Occupational Health and Safety developed an article about the cultural shift in the data center industry.  As data centers have grown and become more complex, the risks have grown as well.

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Here's an excerpt:

There’s a culture shift afoot in the data center industry. It puts new emphasis placed on safer working conditions for data center engineers and electrical contractors where, historically, such emphasis was a second thought. As equipment has grown increasingly complex and sophisticated, so too have the risks. This new safety awareness is a welcome change.

Today’s data centers -- from the hyper-scale to the agile colocation centers -- have increased in size, complexity and importance. They use massive amounts of power and cooling to ensure reliable operations. Data center companies have come to recognize that safety excellence is imperative to maximize uptime for their customers while reducing operational risk. Of the many safety issues that today’s data center operators must consider, these six rules are at the top of the list