Joe Beatty Gets Level 1 R&R Card Argonne Award for Lab HVAC Project

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Joe Beatty, F.E. Moran's Pipefitter was honored with an R&R Argonne award card for his work at Argonne National Laboratory. 

Chris Baltas, MDL Safety Manager said, "I don't give out many R&R cards to workers unless I feel they have gone above and beyond or have continually shown to be safety conscious."  He went on to tell the story of Joe Beatty and his gas line replacement project.

Baltas and Beatty were on opposite ends of a gas line that F.E. Moran was replacing.  Baltas was on the phone with the man on the other end of the gas line discussing if it was time to purge the line.  Baltas let Beatty know that they were ready to purge the line.  However, Beatty and his partner, Bruno, insisted in speaking in-person to verify that the line was ready to purge.

Baltas said, "I gave him a level 1 card shortly afterwards and thanked him for taking that extra step!"

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