18th Century Jail Discovered During Construction in Old City

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18th century jail discovered during construction

Philadelphia -- The Suit Corner, a store in Philadelphia has been around for sixty years, but needed to move locations when a 2014 fire destroyed the building.  What construction workers found while excavating the burnt down store is a part of history.

The store was forced to move when faulty wiring started a fire that burnt down the business.  "Sometimes I close my eyes and think it's a dream," said Jerry Ginsberg.

Last week, a phone call from the construction crew brought the old store front of mind.  The crews found two brick arches on the property while excavating.  They learned that it was part of a prison called Stone Prison.

Ginsberg admitted, "I was told these old tales that this was a jail cell and it went to Dock Street."  However, he never told anyone.  "I was curious, but I was alway worried.  I was very skeptical about mentioning to anybody because I said if [they] make a big deal out of it I'll lose my building and I'll have nowhere to go.

City records showed that the building was built in 1722.  Edward Mauger, who is a Philadelphia historian and owner of a tourism company said that it is the city's fourth prison.  "They always had the prisoners come to Market Street because they wanted to display them."

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