10 Plunge to their Deaths at Construction Site

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Istanbul - An elevator at a construction site fell 32 floors, killing 10 construction workers on Saturday.  Nine people in charge of workplace safety were charged in the incident.

Aziz Torun, CEO of the company building the housing block where the accident occured, is denying allegations that the elevator was faulty.  Torum went on to say that work safety measures were in place and that the elevator was in working order.  He said, "I take that elevator too when I visit the site."  He denies allegations that this elevator, and others on the site always had issues.  "It is an outright lie.  We rented it from another company and two employees of that company work at the site for daily inspection and maintenance."

Torun went on to note that while work safety is important on the construction site, "it is difficult to have them all act in line with safety standards at a construction site where about 1,500 people work."

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