10 Holiday Tips for Property Managers and Tenants

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Purpose: To provide property managers and tenants with actionable tips for the holiday season.


  • How can you keep your property or home safe during the holidays?

  • Can a facility make a difference in tenant wellness?

  • What are some examples of seasonal safety and wellness hacks?

The winter holiday season is here! Property managers and tenants should prepare for the cold weather — ice, sniffles, and holly jolly cheer — accordingly.

Here, we’ll share our favorite ways to stay safe and healthy throughout the snowy stretch.

Safety for the Season

1. Turn out the lights. Be extra careful with candles, fireplaces, Christmas trees, and other light up decorations. You’ll want to extinguish any flames and switch off extra lights during these times:

  • Before bed.

  • When leaving the house.

  • If the room is unsupervised.

2. Lock up. Locking windows and doors is a must. With holiday visitors and additional foot traffic in your neighborhood or apartment building, secure your home by fastening all locks and bolts when you go to sleep, run errands, or leave town for a long weekend.

You may even consider investing in a smart lock — not only are they convenient (they can be locked and unlocked remotely), but they are also extremely safe. This home-tech gadget is the perfect home safety gift this holiday season.

3. Timers on. Put home lamps or holiday lights on timers. When you’re out of town this will give the appearance that your home is full and occupied. When you’re in town, you’ll save on energy costs. No matter what the scenario is, you’re in a win-win situation by turning the timers on your lights.

4. Shovel and salt. To keep walkways safe, be sure to shovel and salt all walkable areas in a timely manner. As a property manager, this maintenance chore should be at the top of your list. If you’re a tenant or homeowner, make sure that the proper actions are being taken to keep up on this task.

5. Make a maintenance list — and check it twice. Avoid becoming overwhelmed during the holidays by preparing in advance. Complete planned maintenance and keep a running maintenance list of issues that arise. Tending to this tally in a timely manner is in your best interest this winter.


Wintertime Wellness

6. Wellness supplies. Property managers may distribute extra wellness supplies throughout their facilities. Common winter wellness items include:

  • Hand sanitizer.

  • Anti-bacterial wipes.

  • Tissues.

  • Tea satchels.

7. Hands-free appliances. If you want to go the extra mile to keep your facility germ-free, consider investing in hands-free appliances. These modern devices will keep your property looking and feeling great.

8. Clean. As a property manager, plan extra building cleanings or help organize property clean ups. Community members may pitch in time or resources to help maintain a top-notch facility too.

9. Healthy habits. Promote hand washing and flu shots throughout your facility or to your neighbors. By keeping yourself well, you’ll also help to keep everyone around you healthy.

Good Tidings

10. Enjoy the holidays. Above all, savor every moment of seasonal joy.

How do you contribute to community safety and wellness?

In Conclusion

The holiday season may come with dreaded below-zero temperatures and contagious coughs, but as a property manager or tenant, you can contribute to a safe and healthy community this winter.

Be sure to keep these safety and wellness tips in mind as the snow begins to fall and the holiday cheer starts to rise.

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