10 Cool Architecture Pictures from Around the Web, PT 2

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We love the cool and unusual.  What do we at the Moran Group love even more than cool and unusual things?  Cool and unusual architecture.  Check out our top 10.

10 Cool Architecture Pictures from Around the Web 

1)  This glass house looks like a winter wonderland paradise! 

Photo Credit:  oddee.com 

Winter Wonderland Glass House | The Moran Group 

2)   The Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is gorgeous.  Fun fact:  It was influenced by the architect's apprenticeship with Frank Lloyd Wright.

Photo Credit:  Budget Travel. 

Cool chapel in Arkansas.  Architecture based on Frank Lloyd Wright.  | The Moran Group 

 3)  A house built into a cave in Missouri.  The last place I'd think of.

Photo Credit:  Apartment Therapy. 

Cave Houses | The Moran Group


4)  We were all kids at one point, which means we all secretly want a cool tree house.

Photo Credit:  oddee.com 

Tree House Architecture | The Moran Group 


5)   A sauna that you can just look at and feel more relaxed.

Photo Credit: urdesignmag.com

Sauna Architecture | The Moran Group 

6)   This tower in Mumbai is beautiful.  It looks like a tunnel of water.

Photo Credit:  Top 10 Photography 

 Wadala Tower | The Moran Group

7)   Swiss architecture that looks like snow drifts!

Photo Credit:  Huffington Post 

Swiss Architecture | The Moran Group

8)   The building looks like it is shrinking into itself.

Photo Credit:  Homedit.com 

Cool Architecture | The Moran Group

9)   A hotel in Australia that looks like wine barrels.

Photo Credit:  Arch Daily 

Hotel in Australia | The Moran Group

10)   Maybe I really enjoy a tree house...

Photo Credit:  Tree Hugger 

Tree House | The Moran Group