1 Marine Killed and 11 Injured in Hard Helicopter Landing

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1 Marine Killed, 11 Injured in Hard Helicopter Landing | The Moran Group | Keywords:  workplace safety 


Camp Lejeune, NC -- One marine was killed and eleven were injured while practicing a Helicopter Ropes Suspension Techniques in a Camp Lejeune training.

The Marine Corps has released some information on the statement.  About 20 marines were participating in a practice for exiting a helicopter by suspended ropes.  The aircraft made a hard landing.  One marine was killed and eleven were injured.

The training took place Wednesday night and required Marines to exit the back of the aircraft using ropes while the helicopter hovers in the air.  This technique allows Marines to enter and exit a helicopter when it would be difficult for them to land.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory said, "[This accident] reminds us all of the danger and sacrifices our military men and women and their families face as they protect our freedom and way of life."

The hard landing, described as a landing that is at a greater speed than normal, caused the death of the Marine and the injuries of eleven others.

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