#1 Cited OSHA Standard: Falling. How do employees prevent it?

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According to OSHA, falling is the number one cited standard. In 2012, 4,383 people died on the job and 36% of those deaths were due to falling. In order to protect employees from becoming a statistic, follow these precautions from OSHA.

• Guard all holes within the floor, so a worker does not accidently fall through.
• Employers should provide guard rails and toe-boards around elevated open sided platforms, floors, and runways.
• Employers should provide harnesses, safety nets, stair railings, and hand rails when needed.
• Employees and employers must keep all work areas clean and dry to prevent falling.
• Employers must provide personal protective equipment for workers.
• Most importantly, train workers about job hazards and how to avoid them.

With these simple tips, employers can avoid costly OSHA citations and employees can stay healthy.