F.E. Moran Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Education

Young children are extremely susceptible to long-term illness due to poor air quality, including allergies and asthma.

Mold growth from oversized HVAC systems are a major contributing cause of these illnesses. In fact, a school in North Carolina found itself the target of scrutiny when parents noticed an unusual number of students becoming sick. The investigation found that poor ventilation from the HVAC system had caused mold growth. The result was $100,000 in renovations and a completely new HVAC system from a service provider mindful of the multiple benefits of space utilization and proper ventilation. Space efficient HVAC systems have the added benefits of energy savings. It can reduce energy costs by 20% and result in 7% material cost savings from improved space utilization.    

In Addition to issues with traditional indoor school classrooms, an influx of students and need for quick additional space results in an increase in portable classrooms. A study found that portable classrooms had higher issues with HVAC systems than traditional classrooms including dirtier filters, blocked outdoor air dampers, and poor condensate drainage, resulting in microbial contamination. This report found that teachers in portable classrooms turn off the ventilation system 60% of the time due to noise, exasperating the issue of poor air quality. F.E. Moran has been providing quality mechanical services for five decades. Their experience has given them the knowledge to design the most efficient systems available.

Economical Design Results in Quality Air

F.E. Moran knows that a wasteful design schematic results in mold growth.  That is why F.E. Moran designs HVAC systems efficiently, reducing the likelihood of contaminated air filtering throughout the school’s HVAC system.

Cost Conscious

F.E. Moran reduces labor costs by pre-fabricating HVAC systems prior to entering the job site and decreases material cost by designing compact systems that have a big impact with little cost.

Work Within Tight Timeframes

Schools have a limited duration where construction projects can be completed.  F.E. Moran works within this three-month window to ensure that the school schedule is unaffected by construction and/or maintenance.