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3 Must Haves for Data Center HVAC

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HVAC for data centers is a different animal than HVAC for a standard property. The servers, computer equipment, and power configurations need temperature consistency and a clean environment. Because of this, data center space HVAC can be complicated. Here are our top 3 tips for proper data center HVAC.


1.  In Illinois, data center’s need energy efficient HVAC

In Illinois, HVAC needs to meet ASHRAE 90.1-2010/2012 IECC or more in energy efficiency in data centers. Make sure that data center HVAC systems meet this requirement; although, it is of the best interest of the property owner to have the system as energy efficient as possible. There are utility rebates available and a general lower cost in utility bills with a higher efficiency system.


2.  Data Centers Don’t Need to be Freezing Anymore    

The room temperature doesn't have to be as low as it has been. ASHRAE has changed its recommended upper temperature limit from 77 degrees to 80.6 degrees. This can save thousands of dollars in energy bills.


3.   Balance the Humidity

Seek out the perfect humidity balance. Too much can cause condensation, which can hurt equipment. It can cause erosion or, if in larger quantities, electrical short circuits. However, too little humidity and electrostatic charge can damage the equipment. The perfect balance is 45-55%.

These three tips will keep your sensitive data center equipment in working order. Data center equipment is expensive, keep it in proper condition by hiring an HVAC contractor who has extensive experience and knowledge in the field.