F.E. Moran Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Commercial

Without a well-designed HVAC system, energy consumption can be extremely high.

HVAC systems account for 40-60% of energy use in commercial buildings. A recent study showed that commercial offices could save approximately 46% on energy with a space efficient HVAC system. F.E. Moran designers have been refining HVAC design for over fifty years, keeping energy efficiency as a top priority. With 3D AutoCAD technology, designers are able to design HVAC systems that precisely utilize space, improving energy savings.

Facilities can save money through energy efficiency without a completely new HVAC system. Each year, commercial facilities should have their HVAC systems inspected to ensure optimal performance. Have motors, belts, and steam traps inspected annually. Additionally, filters should be replaced, dampers adjusted for a tight seal and have linkages, boiler heater transfer surfaces, and coils cleaned. Maintenance, re-design, or a tune up could result in improved energy consumption. LEED-certified F.E. Moran designers have been designing energy and space efficient HVAC systems for five decades.

Lower Overhead Costs With a Concise HVAC System

Reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 46% with a space efficient system.

Minimal Down Time

F.E. Moran minimizes down time due to construction by pre-fabricating off-site and working within facility’s tight timelines.