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Various sources of fuel have unique risks that must be addressed by specific detection and suppression systems. High quality detection systems and suppression systems designed to control violent fires are required to create an effective fire protection system for these fuel handling environments.

Natural Gas - Highly Sensitive Detection for Enhanced Protection

  • Effective gas detection - through the use of pilot line and/or IR detection, F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems can implement a system that will detect levels of gas early enough that systems can be safely shut down before a dangerous situation occurs
  • Protection for gas compressor rooms - providing comprehensive systems that include deluge systems in conjunction with heat detection or IR detection for threats specific to gas compressor rooms
  • Propane tank monitoring - F.E. Moran can install a system that will effectively monitor propane tanks to mitigate risk


Fuel Oil/Diesel/Other Fuels - Robust Protection Systems for Elevated Risks

  • Protecting fuel oil tanks - the threats posed by fuel oil tanks call for a multi-faceted fire protection system that includes foam systems, heat detection and monitors
  • Coverage for combustible storage areas - these areas contain massive amounts of combustible material in a concentrated region, making it essential that a robust fire protection system is employed
  • Suppression for high-energy fires - fuel oil and diesel fuel can create volatile, high-energy fires that require specific suppression systems for control
  • Fire protection for other types of fuel - F.E. Moran has provided fire protection solutions for a large breadth of fuel handling such as refuse-derived fuel (RDF), mass burn fuel, wood fuel and newer biofuels