F.E. Moran Fire Protection Refineries

Developing and installing detection and suppression systems for unique environments such as LNG facilities, hazardous waste sites and mines requires a high level of expertise and flexibility.

Throughout the past three decades, F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has had the opportunity to provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of heavy industry applications, subsequently helping protect facilities from hazards inherent to each individual environment.

LNG Sites - Protecting High-Risk Facilities with Specialized Fire Protection Systems

Meeting FERC and NFPA requirements - F.E. Moran is knowledgeable about the most current standards set forth by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and NFPA, such as distance requirements and regulations specifically for storage tanks

Suppression strategies for optimal control - LNG fires require specialized suppression strategies, such as heat reduction versus rapid extinction, to prevent the building of vapors which can result in explosions

Robust solutions for volatile pool fires - suppression systems must be installed to combat specifically against high-risk fires through the most advanced foam suppression technology and tactical design methodologies

Performing calculations for effective system design -
F.E. Moran's knowledgeable designers can calculate the expansion rates and capacities necessary to protect facilities from dangerous fires

Hazardous Waste - Knowledgeable Personnel Implementing Effective Solutions

Suppression for volatile fires - the fires that ensue from hazardous material can result in violent, destructive fires; F.E. Moran can install high density systems that are designed to protect against specific threats

Protection for rack storage - F.E. Moran has the expertise to install sprinkler systems within rack storage areas and perform the installation in accordance with the NFPA Standard for Rack Storage of Materials to ensure sufficient coverage

Designing and installing around obstructions - hazardous waste facilities often have many obstructions and unique configurations to consider when implementing a system, F.E. Moran's skilled designers and installers have the flexibility to overcome these obstacles

Access to restricted areas - F.E. Moran's personnel have the licensure that is necessary to enter high-security areas, allowing them to conduct their work unescorted

Mines - Designing and Installing Solutions for Complex Applications

Solutions for challenging conveyors - designing and installing systems for conveyors can be challenging because the structures are elongated and typically are in confined areas with an abundance of obstructions

Systems designed for cooling towers - F.E. Moran can meet the demanding water requirements and overcome structural complexities to provide fire protection systems that can withstand the corrosive environment found in cooling towers

Detection and suppression for oil fires - in areas where there is potential for an oil fire, sensitive detection and high-density suppression systems must be implemented to control these volatile fires